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Indonesia Architecture Conference & Exhibition ARCH:ID the annual Archictecture Conference & Exhibition initiated by Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) and PT Citra Inovasi Strategi Exhibition (C.I.S) serves as a continuous dialogue among the Architects, industry players in building materials and construction in Indonesia. Held for the first time in 2020, ARCH:ID will mark the largest architecture festival and the gatherings of architects and IAI members in Indonesia. 

Going into the 2nd year, ARCH:ID not only will have main stream discourse in Architecture which is dominated by other similar Event. However, this year will open and present more diverse architecture aspects from provinces to cities to rural and to incorporate all life aspects of this nation.

I Ketut Rana Wiarcha
President of Indonesian Institute of Architect (IAI)

Welcome Remarks

ARCH:ID is proud to present sustainable architectural conference and exhibition in Indonesia. Successfully held for the first time in 2020, Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) and PT. Citra Inovasi Strategi Exhibition (C.I.S) will continue presenting quality and value-added Event to all stakeholders. 

ARCH:ID is positioned as a Curated Exhibition with international standard. The activities include international dialogue by the Architects, Exhibition showcasing quality architecture and building material products from local to international, as well as presenting the body of works by Indonesian Architects. ARCH:ID serves as a platform for continuous learning and education to improve the professionalism and knowledge of product materials to address the challenges of our current issues. 

This year’s theme is a reflection of diversity of architectural colors in Indonesia. The diversity that blends in a beautiful horizon along the lines of brotherhood and a beat of togetherness, is transformed into an architectural event and becomes a synergy for a better Indonesia Architecture.

We look forward to all parties to take part in the process of building  long-term synergy for Indonesia.

The Curators