ARCH:ID is an annual architectural forum and trade event organized by Indonesian Institute of Architect (IAl) in collaboration with PT CIS Exhibition as Indonesia’s Most Awaited Architecture Forum & Trade Event, focus on architecture, design, and building materials.

This industry focus event present a host of activities and programmes and serves as effective platform for place-makers and stakeholders in architecture and built industry to congregate, collaborate, and connect.

A curated Exhibition by Indonesia’s renowned Architects, namely Ar. Yacobus Gatot S. Surarjo, IAI, Ar. Nelly Daniel, IAI, and Ar. I Ketut Dirgantara, IAI, each event features not only world-class exhibitions and conferences but also a plethora of programmes and contents for knowledge sharing, such as the ARCH:ID Talk Series, Obrolan Tuju-Tuju and BIM Adoption, in which experts and industry thought leaders will be share their knowledge.

The fourth edition of ARCH:ID will be held on 22-25 February 2024 at ICE BSD City, Tangerang.
We look forward to your participation!


Georgius Budi Yulianto, IAI, AA
President of Indonesian Institute of Architect (IAI)

ARCH:ID has become The Most Awaited Architectural Festival in Indonesia due to the fact that it is jam-packed with engaging programs and provides the most favorable environment for architects from all over Indonesia and related industries to collaborate.

The rate of ARCH:ID acceptance in the community is exceptional, particularly among architectural stakeholders. We hope and believe that ARCH:ID will improve better and bigger in the future.


Ar. Yacobus Gatot S. S., IAI

Arcadia Architect

Ar. Nelly L. Daniel, IAI


Ar. I Ketut Dirgantara, IAI

DDAP Architect

“We invite Architects, City Planners, Government, as well as Manufacturers/Suppliers of architecture and building materials products and services to collaborate and be a part of Indonesia’s Most Awaited Architecture Forum & Trade Event, ARCH:ID 2024”.


The concept of good public spaces is widely understood by citizens especially in densely populated and urbanized areas. The issue in current large cities in Indonesia and across the world is whether the existing public spaces are sufficient, what is their quality, and if they can be inclusive and accommodating to various layers or groups of society. How can these spaces contribute to increasing the awareness of a "shared space" that can be used or activated by everyone?

This year’s theme on “Placemaking: Tolerance” will invite stakeholders from Architects, City Planners, Government Institutions as well as manufacturers/suppliers of architecture and building materials products, including green and sustainable products/technology to participate, communicate and exchange ideas on designing and creating public spaces or elements that are inclusive and encourage social interaction, respect cultural diversity, and foster understanding and awareness of the need for tolerance among different communities or groups of people.

By creating conducive environments, it will stimulate new businesses, placemaking can improve the quality of life for residents and promote a healthier and sustainable environment by offering designs that align with a more sustainable lifestyle.